Translation Memory Technology
Enjoy the benefits of our Translation Memory technology!

Advantages of Translation Memory technology

Our Translation Memory technology promotes human driven translation process that allows us to provide translations within shorter time frame, at lower costs and with higher consistency. Translation memory is a linguistic database containing previously translated material that can be reused for future translations. It saves human input as linguists produce translations according to project specifications. During next translation assignments created translation memory is used to analyse new documents to quickly evaluate the levels of repetitions and matches throughout the new content against translation memory database.

Reduce translation costs with translation memory

Higher productivity with translation memory technology
Productivity gains

Our Translation Memory technology ensures productivity gains and faster turnaround times during the translation process thus we can translate larger volumes and deliver the translations faster.

Reduce translation costs with translation memory technology
Cost savings

Translation Memory technology provides potential cost savings by reusing past translations and exploiting repetitions as translation memory database is built over the time. 

Handle complex formats with translation memory technology
Complex formats

Translation Memory technology can be integrated with various file engineering software allowing effortless handling of complex file formats without risk of corruption of layout, formatting or coding.

Advanced quality control with translation memory technology
Advanced quality control

Translation Memory ensures style and terminology consistency throughout all documents. Validation system operating in the background highlights potential issues while the translator works.