Terminology Management
Keep your terminology in order with our terminology management software!

Importance of terminology management

Terminology management is an integral part of translation process. Using terminology management software that is integrated with translation software allows us to automatically detect terms in the document and use the preferred translation consistently throughout the documents.

Glossary is a list of key terms with fixed preferred translations that enables standardised and consistent use of industry or company specific terminology in translation. Depending on client’s specifics we can prepare bilingual or multilingual glossary.

Efficient terminology management for high quality translations

Efficient use of existing glossary for consistent translations
Existing glossary

In case you have existing glossary or a list of specific terms, we can integrate it in our translation software so that terms can be automatically detected in the document during the course of work and the translators can apply the glossary terms efficiently to provide translation with your preferred terminology.

Create new terminology database for consistent translations
Building new terminology database

In case there is no existing glossary we can work in collaboration with client to gradually build new terminology database with relevant terms and their preferred translations. Created glossaries can be stored and reused for all future translation jobs. Glossary can be created for the entire company or for specific department or project.