File Processing & Conversion
Save time and costs by entrusting us your documents in original format!


Efficient solutions for various file formats

Our expertise in file engineering allows us to offer you efficient solutions for translating your content in various file formats. We will ensure that your translated documents look great regardless of target language and format. Using your existing artwork template we make sure that the translated text is presented in accurate manner and is as good as the original.

File processing and conversion - translating documents in all formats

Efficient translation and DTP process


Seamless translation and DTP process

Our technology expertise and know-how allows us to handle multilingual typesetting projects accurately and efficiently, so you can save time and costs by entrusting us both – translation and typesetting. Our file processing software is integrated with the latest translation software, and our file engineers and translators work side by side on your content to provide accurate translations in just the right format.

PDF conversions

It may happen that you only have the document in PDF format. We can help with that too. Before document can be translated it often requires technical preparation. We can process your PDF files or non-editable image texts by converting them into editable format for translation, editable files can in turn be integrated with our translation software so that you can receive possible cost benefits.

PDF conversions into translatable format

Translation of documents in various formats

 Software covered

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • FrameMaker
  • PageMaker
  • QuarkXPress
  • AutoCAD
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Publisher

Efficient document translation in different file formats

We can process various file formats and integrate them into our translation software which means faster turnaround, better consistency and cost savings for repeating material.

Streamlined translation and DTP process with layout adjustments
Streamlined process

Working with native formats enables us to provide efficient translation workflow where you do not need to spend any extra effort on handling specific file format.

Expert file engineers ensure that translated documents look great

Extensive file engineering expertise allows us to process your content in secure manner by protecting tags, strings or coding during translation, thus ensuring complete functionality of the translated content.