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Translation process and warranty

We are dedicated to providing high quality translation service. Our work process includes the following steps:

Translations according to order requirementsUnderstanding your texts and requirements

You can send us your request via e-mail or by submitting online request form. Inform us of any specific requirements of your request that you feel are important to carry out this translation work. The more we know about you, the better we understand your translation needs to prepare tailored offer and working approach that matches your requirements.

Detailed text analysis with translation memoryAnalysing your texts against translation memory

Once we receive your request we review and examine the documents to be translated. We carry out complete analysis of your documents using specialized translation software (CAT tool) to determine detailed structure of your documents and evaluate possible regularities and repetitions within the files.

Quick quotation for translation servicesPreparing quote

We prepare detailed quote based on document analysis that includes price, estimated delivery time as well as possible discounts due to eventual text repetitions. As a returning client you may be entitled to further price reductions based on previously translated material and actual file analysis.

Reliable team of professional translatorsSelecting the right team

After your order confirmation our project manager ensures all the project instructions are clear and the necessary reference material is received. We then proceed to select suitable translator with experience in the respective area of expertise. We work exclusively with professional translators who translate into their native language.

Efficient translation with translation softwareUsing translation memory and terminology database

We use the latest translation software which provides possibilities to create translation memory  and terminology database for your translation project that enhances translation workflow, speeds up work process and facilitates the work of the translator. The ultimate aim of translation software is to improve translation quality and consistency in terminology and language use. Eventually use of translation memory also brings the benefit of reduced costs for your future projects.

Careful translation process with proofreadingTranslation and review

The dedicated team of professional linguists works on translation and review of your documents, all engaged linguists have relevant academic training and specialist knowledge to fulfil the order requirements. We work respecting the principle of two pairs of eyes, so the ready translation is then revised by another linguist.

Reliable quality assurance procedures for high quality translation serviceQuality assurance procedures

The ready translations undergo the selected quality assurance procedures to make sure the translation meets our quality standards and fulfils all order requirements. We use special quality assurance software that helps check punctuation, consistency, terminology etc. We put quality first and make sure the translations are properly checked before delivery.

Timely translation service deliveryDelivering your translation on time

After the final version of the translation is ready we make sure that the delivery format of your translation matches the agreed format and all agreed instructions have been observed. If necessary, we adjust the layout of the document according to the length and specifics of the translated version. We then deliver the final polished version back to you for your approval. Needless to say we will make sure to deliver your translation within the agreed time frame.

Follow up and feedback on translation serviceFollow up and feedback

We are always glad to hear some feedback, it is especially important in the early stage of our collaboration. It helps us meet your demands and if necessary make adjustments for future projects that will better match your specific needs. We appreciate your feedback, be it about formatting, terminology or writing style.

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