Why Us
What sets our services apart

When you are looking for your perfect language service provider, what qualities are you looking for? Read on to see if we match your criteria! We are passionate about languages and offer our expertise and leading technology to take care of your translation needs. 

Why are we different? Here are top 9 reasons to choose our language services provided by team of professional linguists.

Great team of professional translators

Passionate people

We bring together the talents of over 500 professional translators, terminologists, file engineers and language fanatics.

Innovation driven translation serviceFocused innovation

Our innovative working approach improves translation speed and reduces costs of multilingual content creation.

Professional document translation services

Reliable service

We provide the best possible service to our clients as our main objective is complete client satisfaction.

Translations into European and Asian languagesLanguages

We offer translation services into more than 50 languages, including all European languages and main Asian and Middle East languages. Our main fields of expertise include legal translation, technical translation, medical translation, website translation and other domains.

Efficient quality assurance procedures for high quality translationsQuality assurance

It’s our aim to create a positive customer experience, hence we have developed efficient quality assurance procedures which ensure our clients receive quality translation, localization and desktop publishing services which meet the highest standards.

Reduce translation costs with translation softwareCost effective approach

The use of advanced technology allows us to build translation database where completed translations are stored. Thus duplicate or similar content can be handled faster, with higher consistency and at lower costs.

Reduce translation costs with translation memoryTranslation Memory

Efficient use of Translation Memory and translation software (CAT tools) enables us to provide consistent and cost-effective translations with quicker turnaround time. Translation Memory is part of translation management system where previous translations are accumulated.

Consistent terminology with terminology managementTerminology

Terminology management is crucial when it comes to highly specialized industries, our glossary creation and management system provides terminology and style coherence throughout translated material within the same domain documents. Terminology management is an integral part of translation process.

Translations in various file formats

File formats

Our desktop publishing team can handle your documents in all standard Mac and PC formats, so you don’t need to worry about the formats any more – regardless of target language your translated documents will look great. You can save time and costs by entrusting us both – translation and typesetting services.