Desktop Publishing & Typesetting
Save time and costs by entrusting us both – translation and typesetting services!


Professional desktop publishing services

We provide professional desktop publishing services (DTP) to ensure your translated documents look great regardless of target language and format. Using your existing artwork template we make sure that the translated text is presented in accurate manner and is as good as the original.

Our DTP services include page layout adjustments and verification of location of text and image elements to make sure page looks as intended and corresponds exactly to the original design in the source document.

Professional desktop publishing services

Typesetting and layout adjustment services

Problem solving by experts

Some of the most common challenges of typesetting process that our DTP experts help our clients with on daily basis:

  • Text length: document length can expand or shorten by up to 30% when translated into another language
  • Fonts and character sets: not all fonts support all languages, our experts will recommend best solution to maintain appealing design of your translated documents
  • Page layout: right-to-left languages (like Arabic, Hebrew) require completely modified page layout

Seamless translation and DTP process

You can save time and costs by entrusting us both – translation and typesetting services. Our technology expertise and know-how allows us to handle multilingual DTP projects accurately and efficiently. Before document can be translated it often requires technical preparation. It may include conversion of PDF files or non-editable image texts into editable format for translation, but most commonly it means preparing your files for hassle-free integration with our translation software. After the translation is ready our DTP experts will take care of the layout of translated versions and you will receive ready to print files in the original format.

Professional translation with great layout

Professional translations in different file formats

Software covered

We work with all standard PC and Mac formats and can handle your files in wide variety of software of your choice:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • FrameMaker
  • PageMaker
  • QuarkXPress
  • AutoCAD
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Publisher

What sets our services apart

Translation software to reduce translation costsTranslation software

Our know-how allows us to integrate documents from various graphic design programs with our translation software which means time and cost savings for you.

Expert file engineers ensure that translated documents look greatExpertise

Our DTP experts have excellent command of the latest technology and will make sure the translated versions are polished to perfectly match the originals.

Accurate and precise layout serviceDetails

We believe it is attention to detail that makes our DTP services reliable in the eyes of our clients. We care for our work and put quality first.

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